Welcome to the web home of Wyninebah Smooth Fox Terriers we are located near Lismore in Northern NSW Australia.
Our prefix was established in 1986.

Anni & Kevin Howard of Woodshack Kennels is where we purchased our first smoooth from, his name was Woodshack Wiseguy.
Jester as he was named was a touch wilful in spirit and every day things were done his way or no way.

The Fox Terrier is the King of frolic.

We have had the pleasure to establish a kennel that has breed and shown many Best in Show winning guys and girls, that dream was only made possible with the help from other long time breeders who have entrusted us with foundation stock and shared their many years of expierence with us.

Lex Luthor Best In Show Sydney Royal thank you to Mrs Sumiko Ikeda

Picture by Cameron Newling for ninemsn Pickle

Provided by Dynamic Drive