About Smooth Fox Terriers

Things to consider before buying a Fox Terrier

Can I afford a Fox Terrier ?
There are many costs involved with pet ownership to consider, food, yearly vet check, desexing, general health care, obedience training, boarding, bedding and proper housing.

Am I prepared to love a Fox Terrier for its lifetime ?
Fox Terriers are not toys, they are not a 10 minute birthday or Christmas gift to be forgotten about once the novelty wears off, they are a living breathing animal that needs love, care and affection for its lifetime that may be up to 12 - 14 + years.

Do I have time to care for a Fox Terrier ?
Young Fox Terriers will be more demanding of your time than older dogs, consider an older Fox Terrier if you have limited time, puppies need lots of attention and should be in a home that has someone home for most of the day, an adult dog is past this stage and may suite you better.

Do I understand how to care for a Fox Terrier ?
Exercise, grooming, obedience and play are important aspects of Fox Terrier ownership.

Will a Fox Terrier fit into my lifestyle and priorities ?
Working long hours, a hectic social life and regularly taking trips away are all factors which need to be considered before purchasing a Fox Terrier or any other pet.

Do I live in suitable accommodation for a Fox Terrier ?
If you live in a rented property please think carefully before committing yourself to a Fox Terrier, while some landlords allow pets, many dont.

Do I have adequate yard space and fencing for a Fox Terrier ?
A medium sized yard is require with adequate fencing, they are hunters and will wander if given the chance.

Do Fox Terriers make good childrens pet ?
Yes Fox Terriers make a wonderful childs companion but as with all pets small children should be supervised when playing with pets as they can be cruel without knowing it and need to be taught how to handle and to care for a puppy correctly, as does the puppy it needs to be taught about whats acceptable when playing with young children. Pet owners & parents need to know that no dog or child is born programmed for life, they need to be supervised and taught right from wrong. Training takes time and unless you have the time required to bring a new puppy into your home maybe now is not the time to get a puppy.

Male V Female ?
Many people prefer females to males and when I ask why the usual answer is females are cleaner in the house. Not true either sex makes for a good house pet when potty trained.
Males are often less expensive than females to buy they are also cheaper to desexed. I believe desexing does make for a better family pet with all breeds of dogs.

Description- Smooth Fox Terriers are an inquisitive, energetic, dog who loves to run, play, chase and explore, he is one of the oldest of the terrier breeds who were originally bred to dig into burrow to flush the fox or catch small animals. A very easy dog to live with, he enjoys being a part of a family.

Size- 15.5 inches 16 - 18 lbs.

Temperament- Alert, affectionate, determined, eager, busy, trustworthy, keen hunter.

Children- Gets along well with children and is always ready to play.

Other Pets- Small pets such as cats may be fair game and he may try to dominate other dogs, puppy pre school is suggested to help socialise with other dogs at a young age.

Skills- A1 vermin hunter and family pet.

Watch dog- Good they never miss a trick, Guard dog- Poor they love everyone.

Care and Exercise- The Smooth Fox Terrier requires minimal coat care except during their twice a year shedding. Brush coat with a firm bristle brush and bathe only when necessary. Nails need regular cutting. Exercise should consist of a daily walk on leash and free play in a fenced backyard, and they do love toys.

Learning Rate- Very quickly, but they can be stubborn, needs consistent training, problem solving - Very High, remember a dog is only as smart as the person it lives with, what training and time you put into your dog you get back.

Activity Level- Indoors - High, Outdoors - Very High as young dogs, with age comes sensibility.

Colors- White with tan or black markings.

Life Span- Usually 12 -14 years, the Fox Terrier is a puppy until he is 2 years old, from 1 to 2 years consider him a teenager.

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